Vol.58_Do this/Don’t do that


Hello everyone. It’s my turn to write the blog. I’ve decided to do a different kind of blog, at least different for me. I usually write about my own experience doing something. This time I’ll write about some English tips.

So, I’m going to choose a word or words and explain how to use and not use them. I’m not going to give grammar explanations or lessons. I’m just going to give what natural speakers of English would say. It’s called “Do this(自然な言い方)/Don’t do that(不自然な言い方).” This is my first one.

Today, I’m going to give examples of how to use (many and much). For a bonus, I’ll add (a lot of).

Do : This blog takes a lot of time to write, and I hope it’s read by many people.
Don’t : This blog takes much time to write, and I hope it’s read by many people.

Do: Do you have a lot of money?
Don’t : Do you have much money?

Do : Yes, I have a lot of money.
Don’t : Yes, I have much money.

Do : No, I don’t have much money. / No, I don’t have a lot of money.

In the last one both answers are good.

One piece of advice, just use “a lot of” instead of “much” or “many“. You’ll sound more natural and impress people with your English ability.

Well, that’s all for today. Please look forward to the next “Do this/Don’t do that”.



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