Vol.85 苦手な○○を克服しよう_part2


The other thing I want to talk about is using “if” with “will” and “would”. I’m not going to give a long grammar explanation, just a simple logical one.

First, using “if” with “will” the speaker is saying there is a high chance that he will do something in a certain situation.

Here’s one example.
If it rains tomorrow, I will stay home.
With rain, there’s a very high chance he will not go out.

Here’s another example.
I will go out with my friends if I finish work early.
Again, if the situation is right, there is a high chance he will go out with friends.
In both situations, chance of rain and finish work early, these are not impossible situations but reasonable situations.

Using “if” with “would” is quite different. With this there is a very low chance for the situation to happen.

Here’s an example.
If I won a million dollars in the lottery, I would buy a house in Hawaii.
Here, the chance of winning the money is near impossible which makes buying the house also near impossible.

Here’s another example.
If I could go back to my high school days, I would do many things differently.
The chance of going back is impossible and so is the chance of doing things differently.

If you read this, I think you will understand how to pronounce “r” and “l” and how to use “if” with “will” and “would”.

have a great day!

今回の苦手な○○は『if / will / wouldの使い方』でしたね。

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