Vol.7 The Hidden Cafeteria

All Englishですが分かりやすい英文なのでぜひ読んでみてください♪

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a chance to go and see the cherry blossoms this month. It was the peak time on Saturday April 2nd.
I’d like to tell you about a cafeteria in Namba I went to recently. I saw a news item about a trendy and very difficult cafeteria to find in Namba. I’m usually very curious about things, so I decided to try and find the place. The news article gave written directions and some pictures to help find the way to the cafeteria. It was located in the Nankai station and I had to tell the ticket gate worker I wanted to go to the cafeteria located in the station. He was very kind and gave me a card to enter the station where the trains were. I finally located the door to where the cafeteria was, it looked like the door to a staff maintenance room. After I entered that door there was a stand with the menu on it and a little further down the hall an open door to the cafeteria. There is a machine to buy a ticket for the menu item(s) you want to eat. There are two daily specials for lunch and dinner that change every day. There are two prices for each special ¥420 for Nankai workers and ¥470 for non Nankai workers. Of course I paid ¥470. I got a Chicken steak set that came with rice, cabbage salad, miso soup and another item that you can choose from a group of dishes. I chose some tofu with shoga. I thought the food was quite good, the staff was very friendly and most of all, I enjoyed the adventure of getting to the trendy and very difficult cafeteria located in Namba. By the way, be sure to give the card back to the ticket worker when you leave. I’m attaching the news article’s web sight for you to check out the place yourself and a picture of what I had that day.
Bon Appetit.


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