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お家でのおすすめの過ごし方をネイティブ講師のMarkが紹介!頑張って読んでみてくださいね 😀

Hello everyone, long time no blogging for me. Not sure if anyone reads these but I’ll give it another go.

I know the covid pandemic is taking it’s toll on everyone. Life has changed for all of us. I know I have changed in many ways. I’m wearing masks for the first time in my life, I’m taking the time to play my guitar more often and I’m working out at home as much as I can. I ordered Netflix and, surprisingly, actually liking it. They have many interesting shows on it.

Now, for you English students, I think you have more time to study. Whether it is English or any other subject, you should take the time to study more and harder. Which brings mean to the reason I’m writing this blog. I think Netflix is a great way to study English. With the bilingual function on Netflix you can hear the English and read the Japanese subtitles or listen in Japanese and read the English subtitles. Start with short 20-30 minute shows and work your way up. They have documentaries, TV shows and movies. Now is a good time to binge watch and learn English at the same time. Give it a try!


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