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Article 1 : Can ‘KIDS English School’ be the answer? A tip to choose an English school for your kids.

I often hear it said ‘My son was fantastic when he was little, but that did not serve him at all when he entered Junior High School. ’ ‘When little, she was amazingly fluent! Her pronunciation was perfect!’

Where has that English gone that made the parents rave about their future?

What is the key to successful learning at an early stage? How can their early education bear fruit when it’s needed the most? The answer is to choose an English School where it’s possible for your kids to continue their study over many years. English at the kindergarten age should prepare kids for Elementary School. English taught during their elementary days should prepare them for Jr. High School and it goes on and on. English education bears fruit only after a long period of learning and each stage should not be separated from others. Choose the school that gives your kids only the most appropriate learning at each stage to prepare them for the next.

PROS LANGUAGE CENTER is an English school for all ages to cultivate the power of language for your future. Founded in 1983, we have been offering English language education for over thirty years. We owe our happy history to your kind cooperation. As a token of appreciation, I’m sharing my experience at work in both Japanese and English. I hope it can shed a little light on your path of English journey.